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DAYA is a shower tray manufacturer from China with 23 years of experience, not only has R&D and design capabilities, but also built a 48,000m² factory with an annual production of 80,000 pcs. Focus on providing professional OEM/ODM services to global customers.

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Pro OEM / ODM Service

DAYA is a Chinese manufacturer focused on research and production of shower tray. We cater to traders, retail stores, supermarkets, e-commerce brands, agents, and more. Want to know more about wholesale shower tray?contact DAYA.

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Our MOQ of shower tray is 18pcs for one size. 18pcs of the same model with the same size, mixing different colors is workable.

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Certification of DAYA

Our shower trays have obtained CE, TÜV certificates, and the products meet the European class 3 anti-slip standard.

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Our creative design department produces product materials, thereby cooperates with customers' product promotion.

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Packing & shipping

We have strict quality testing department extends throughout the whole production process until the final delivery.

Main Products

wash basin

Resin wash basins

wholesale showers - wash basin

shower tray

Resin walk-in shower trays

wholesale showers - shower tray

shower room

Sturdy shower room

wholesale showers - shower room

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We are manufacturer wholesale, the minimum order quantity is 18 pieces


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